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Frequently Asked Questions


It is our mission to engage in action for a better planet from a young age. We hope our third book may bring you much joy and inspiration in your lessons.
Therefore, to support you, our non-profit organization will always give you one free copy per school of each book.


What is in such a book?

Specifically, we are creating 17 children's activity books for you. One around each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or Sustainable Development Goals.
These are 17 themes that are important for our planet and for all of us. Think: no poverty, good health and well-being, gender equality, clean water, quality education, etc.
Each book covers one theme and includes a wonderful story with beautiful illustrations that explains what that theme means. You will also find conversation starters, facts, games and actions. So children can already take action themselves for a better world.


For whom.

The books primarily address third kindergarten and first grade.


How many books are there already?

You are now getting our third book. It will be about renewable energy.
The first two books, "A Roof for Snail" about poverty and "Troll Wants Fun Again" about good health, were already sent to you in the same way.
So we hope that these have gone well and that you enjoy using them.


Do we get all the books for free at school?

Yes! You will receive a free copy of each book at school.


Where can I find the curriculum?

Go to
When you click on the available Stories, you can unlock the downloads.
A free curriculum, all kinds of games and a fun coloring page!



We create our books with great care. Before a book goes into print, a large team goes through it completely. In addition to the writer, illustrator and printer, that team includes 3rd kindergarten and 1st grade teachers, psychologists and educators who are trained and experienced in dealing with children.

Interested in participating in Sustainable Stories as a teacher or school?

Even for us, a book series remains a learning process. And who knows better what children need than those who are in front of the classroom every day?
Do you like to give feedback on previous or future books, have great ideas to work around the books, suggestions of your own?
If so, please let us know via

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