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To our adults of tomorrow

At Sustainable Stories, we believe you can make every person a positive difference maker. The pioneers we believe in the hardest? Those are the children. Because they are the adults in tomorrow's world.

You can help us do this by not only raising children's awareness, but more importantly by inspiring them to take action for a sustainable planet.
It is better to raise our children with the right values and insights than to have to change them when they grow up later.
Naomi Queeckers

I founded the ASBL to show that it is possible for you to make a difference. My favorite SDG? Quality education, because that provides knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development.

Peter Queeckers

I'm a big "believer" of the butterfly effect and have a tireless motivation to go all out for the next generations. My favorite SDG? Partnership to achieve goals. Cheesy, but only together can we make this story a reality.

Jamina Van Maele

As a passionate illustrator and content creator, I focus on enchanting both children and adults, aiming to provide them with an expanded view of the world. My favorite SDG? No Hunger. As a true foodie, I am against food waste and throw away as few leftovers as possible.

Kaatje Marynissen

I believe in the imagination and potential of children. Big changes start small. My favorite SDG? Reduce inequality. I see growing awareness and that gives hope, but there is still a long way to go.

Other key difference makers ...

Rebecca Taillieu

Rebecca is a start-up illustrator and created the very first illustration for Sustainable Stories.

She helped us with super fun ideas to portray our story.

Thank you Rebecca!

This ensures real involvement, a commitment and entrepreneurship to make a difference today.

The United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals are an ideal method for getting all the world to participate in something bigger than ourselves.

The time for sensitization is over. It's time for sustainable business. It's time for you ...because you make a world of difference.

We have to do something, we can do something, we are going to do something.


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